I've looked all over the web for several days and seem to find no answer to this issue. I would appreciate any leads. Thanks in advance for your time!

I need to find the underlying disk capacity (total size) of an unmapped network share in windows (Win7, XP, Server 2008), given a UNC path (e.g. given something like "\\share_1\subdir").

I would have given up by now, if it weren't for the ability to find the underlying _free space_ of unmapped network shares, using the "GetDiskFreeSpaceEx()" Win32 function. I imagine that disk capacity is stored in a similar fashion to free space, hence retrieving it would be very similar (hence I'm somewhat infuriated with MS for not making the functionality obvious, or myself for not being able to find it thus far!)

Again, I would appreciate any knowledge you have to share on this point!



The solution was to look into the other arguments of GetFreeDiskSpaceEx()...

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