So, I recently got an MBR virus and after (and partially during) removal I began to get frequent BSOD's and freezes (as in, no debug info simply stop doing any operation), and those BSOD's didn't provide any useful debug information (no message in all caps such as "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL"). I ran a chkdsk and it came out clean and I also ran a Windows Memory Diagnostic (2 passes), and that came out clean as well.

Please note that there is absolutely no chance of this MBR virus still there, I deleted all partitions of all of my hardrives because I couldn't find a working and less destructive method to remove it (virus was Alueron.A as reported by Microsoft Security Essentials)

I'm assuming it's a problem with the hard-drive itself, I'm typing this message on a LiveCD of Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 and there doesn't seem to be any problem, at least not right now.

But here's my problem, 74gb of storage for software isn't enough for me. I want to know if I can have my two 37gb hard-drives as the place for my Windows folder and User settings, and my applications be on a folder on my 1.5tb hard-drive. Also, whenever I install Windows 7 it always automatically installs the bootloader to my 1.5tb drive, and I want it to be on the same hard-dirve it installs Windows itself to.

My current computer specifications are:

AMD Atholon 2 x4 530 2.8ghz
2x2gb PC26400
2x37gb 10,000rpm Sata (Empty, usually Ubuntu or Arch)
1x1.5tb 7200rpm Sata (Storage Drive)
1x160gb 7200(?)rpm Sata (Currently hosting Windows 7, frequent BSOD)
Nvidia Geforce 9800gtx+ 512mb PCI-E (with the GTS250 Firmware)
Asrock A780GXE/128M Socket AM2+ Motherboard (Unofficially supports AM3 processor

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First of all,

This virus can only be removed when your hdd is connected as secondary storage device.


You can choose other option!!!

You need Windows 2000 Compact Disc, And Norton Antivirus.

You have to install Windows 2000 or 98.

Before installing further hardware drivers you have to install antivirus (Norton).

Scan the whole computer.

By this way you can get your problem solved.

Yes you can put your ProgramsFiles on another hdd or partition. As you have already reformated your hdds (windows will reformat it anyway when you reinstall)reinstall your win7 os. You can install it to the small 37g hdd but keep in mind if you use alot of programs,save a lot of docs, photos,music or downloads and use the internet a lot your ProgramData and in Users your AppData File will become heavy. Therefore consider using your 1.5tb hdd for your Program and also moving Docs etc to seperate partitions on there also. I think it would be wiser to put your main os on the 160g hdd and later shrink it down a bit to give you another partition for other stuff or as spare space. Use one of the 37g hdds to make a second install of win7 or clone your new install so that you have access to the main os if needed. After install and you have created the new partitions on 2nd hdd open your registry (run-regedit) and go to HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion and change CommonFilesDir and ProgramFilesPath to your NEW Programs path. Restart and from then on all you newly installed programs will go into the new Programs partition. To change Docs etc to new locations go to Users (you) and bring up the properties on each file you want to move. Open the location tab and navigate to the partition you have setup. Answer OK to all and from then on all of your files will be located on the other hdd. This is really a help if or when your os fails as you don't loose everything. A good idea is to set a partition for backup and have windows or another backup program backup regularly your AppData (in Users -you) and ProgramData in main windows C:. If you ever have to rescue your os all the files needed to put you back together are there. Backing up your registry now and then is good too.You should not have any trouble with the MBR, can not say why it ended up on another hdd from win os as I don't know how you were setup but with a new install you will be fine. Get a boot manager program like EasyBCD from neosmart and you can manage it more and can backup and reinstall MBRs as well. Give your new setup some thought and your reinstall problems will be at an end and also Microsoft security essentials is a really good program so don't stop uising it and it's free!Good Luck

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