Hello World,
Can anybody help me to create a windows applcation with turbo c.
Am newbe in turbo c and I learned to make c programmes very well, but I Am facing a lot of problems since I moved to windows applications and i can't understant why turbo c doesn't compile my applications under windows.
thanks for your answers.

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turbo c is a 16 bit compiler and can not access win32 api function. So you can't create a windows app with it. Get a modern compiler such as Code::Blocks or VC++ 2010 Express (both are free).


yes actually i know both of them I Use C::B under linux and I have VS installed and i use it for the vb.net programming, and the turbo c was a choice in my openion it help me to understand how my applications are created from A To Z.

it's cool i'll keep it for improving my technics in c programming.

Thank you very much M Ancient Dragon.

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