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Can any one suggest me, im using Windows 7, i m try to install the Turbo C complier, but it is creating virtual directory, after completion of the creation of directory, it will ask for renameing the root path,

How can i rename the root path... (virtual Directory in D:\) but i have rename to root C:Turbo\Bin\TC\

Is it Windows 7 will support the Turbo C Complier or not?

please suggest me on above issue.


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Turbo C is a 20+ (going on 30) year old product created for a different operating system entirely, an operating system that hasn't been supported by Microsoft for 15 years.

No, it's not going to be supported. Anyone with a grain of common sense would realise that, and would not even attempt to use Turbo C, instead using more modern compilers.
Sadly it seems common sense is sorely lacking in many places.

Let me start my DaniWeb career by helping a fellow Indian out.

Turbo C++ is complete crap, but unfortunately there's nothing we (read:you) can do to change the Indian system. I escaped after Grade 12 by moving out.

Since you probably require it for your exams and will fail otherwise, let me explain why stuff doesn't work.

Turbo C was released in 1990, if not earlier. Windows 7 was released on October 22nd 2009. There is a 20-year difference. I don't think even you are 20 years old.

You might be able to get it partially running on the 32-bit version of Windows 7, with all the typical limitations of DOS programs (small screen, some defunct features not supported).

64-bit Windows 7 will not support your Turbo C at all.

So you should find some emulation/virtualisation solution. Something like FreeDOS with Virtual Box should do the trick.

Edit: You can try DOSBox, easier to use than the other two but you won't get 100% compatibility, especially with complicated programs. DOSBox is mainly to run DOS games, but you should have no issues 99% of the time.
And it's much easier to set up compared to Virtual Box.

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as long as you kids accept your teachers' heavily outdated curiculum, that curiculum will never change.
It's your money going down the drain (or that of your parents). File a complaint with the school, education board, or whatever other agency has the power to change things there.
You have well grounded reasons to complain, just take a while to write up good arguments (and no, TC isn't crap, in its day it was the very best C compiler for the x86 series of computers, it's just heavily outdated, overtaken by 20+ years of hardware and operating system development).

Talk to your teachers first, find out if it's the compiler they chose or whether they're stuck with it because someone else forced it on them. If the latter, they're probably happy to help you try to get the curiculum changed.

It might not help you this term, or the next, but eventually things will change and future generations will be happier as a result (and who knows, the action might cause people to look at the curiculum that you'll have to follow in a few years and modernise that as well).

HERE is the simple trick :To use Turbo C++ IDE in windows 7 or in Vista; For those who wants to learn C/C++ just uninstall your "Graphics driver "
For that Computers->properties->device manager->Display Adapters->graphics driver version u have uninstall that...And after log off Run your "C:\\TC\\BIN\\TC.exe".it will open in full screen...

A Solved similar thread here.

windows 7 resulation is so high, if is like 800 then tc may be run.

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