Hai all,

I am heading to develop the Chatting Application by using SIP + JMF

I am having few doubts in the Java Environment..

1. How can make .exe file in Java..? ( I need how to create Installable application in Java)

2. How can i import JMF API Specifications in the rt.jar ? is ti right one or wrong..? if wrong, whats the another way..?

3. how can i include JAIN SIP APIs in the environment..?

:-| Gokulakrishnan.M

1) search the web. There are some tools that package a jar in an executable wrapper, but why would you want to? Far easier to use JNLP (Java Webstart).
2) Don't. Learn about classpaths instead.
3) see 2)

It would be easier to just search the net for one of the tons of similar applications that already exist and adopt that for your organisation.