Hi there i have a tumbnail Control box. Everytime my pictures load i click it will show in Image Viewer or photoshop can i view it in picture box instead of open a new window in other application? Pls help!

I have never heard of a "Thumbnail control box", but it seems that when you click an image in it, it uses something as

Process.Start("c:\your image location here.png")

which loads the file in the default viewer/editor.

If you want to load the image on another form, add a Form2 to you application and add a Picturebox to the form.
You should be able to get your image location, or full path, when clicking on a image in your "Thumbnail control box", so instead of using Process.Start, use the following code.

Dim newForm As New Form2
        newForm.PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile("c:\your image location here.png")