i wanna combine all three column values in column...

i want some thing lik this

PartNo Stock Obsolute Replaced order part no
12345 10 12345
12346 10 12346
12347 11001 11001
12348 11002 11002
12349 12349 Empty
12350 12350

HELP ITS URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You will have to specify some more please. If you say coloumns, is this in a datagrid, excell...?

Is the data coming from a recordset or is it typed in data etc.?

the about data is in ms access query... i want another query which should contain above result which i want

Still not enough information, but lets see...

rsMyRecSet.Open = "SELECT * FROM MyTable", cnMyConnection, AdOpenStatic,  AdLockOptimistic

Text1.Text = rsMyRecSet!PartNo & " " & rsRecSet!SOR & " " & rsRecSet!orderpartno

This should add the 3 fields together and show the result in a text box. Use a list control, datagrid etc, etc - MORE information...

cn.Execute ("ALTER TABLE subject ADD COLUMN '" & txtsub.Text & "' number;")

this query is excute to the add column
but query bis excuted text value is not pass but null value will be pass
how i textbox text add column
please anybody give me solutation

First you must connect to MS Access database since your data are stored in Access database. Secondly, you must make sure where your data should be displayed, like Datagrid, ListBox, ListView, or Combobox etc. I mean to say column of which control you want your data to display?


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