I have browser embeded, How would i fire and even whenever a browser field is clicked.

basically i have this website where when you click on a fieled it will show a button. i want to capture that button's click.

any help would be appreciated


Is it a standalone app or a web app?

It is a winform with browser embedded basiacally before i was able to iterate through the page and find the button but now the client has hidden the button and only shows it when a field is double clicked.

hope im clear enough.


basically i want to look for hidden elements as well.....

If it is hidden client side using CSS or visual styles then you could try parsing the WebBrowser.Document to look for the button in HTML.
If they are setting the control to hidden server side then it doesnt exist on the page until the page posts and reloads. If this is the case, you will need to perform any actions on the page required for the page to post back and relaod with the button visible.