WHERE IS MY Problem.

Develop a COMPLETE algorithm using pseudo code to solve the following problem:

Your network contains hundreds of workstations. The primary local drive (C:) on each of those workstations may contain many folders immediately under the root folder. You need to search each of the folders under the root folder on each of the workstations to see if the file nasty.bug exists. You need to do two things with respect to this file. First, count the number of times this file is actually found and, after all the workstations have been scanned, display a message indicating the total number of occurrences of this file across your network. Second, whenever the file is found, it should be deleted.

Can someone help me figure out how to do this problem please?

hai , i want to do final year project,am intrested to do in vb.net
but i dont have idea about the project developing,can u please help me.