I'm new to writing VB and I have created a couple tools already that are simple, but work. The tool that I need to create now is different though and that is where my trouble starts.

I'm trying to create a simple program for an office setting. It consists of three buttons, one being a RedFlag and another being a "YellowFlag". So if say the RedFlag is clicked it submits the info "RedFlag" to a .csv file on the network. That's simple, but I also need to have the third button to cancel the submission and delete the entry from the .csv file. On top of that I need to append the employees network id that they use to log in to the PC along with the flag data and a time stamp that auto updates every 15 to 30 seconds while the button is "on" to show how long they have been waiting.

My previous tools were coded in VBscript and looks similar to VB.net and this looks like a very intuitive place to ask for assistance on this. It may sound like I'm asking for a handout, but I'm here to learn and if anyone is able to help me with the code at all it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,