Help! Recently downloaded XP SP2 and am having serious problems with my computer. I am unable to use my 'search', 'help and support' or 'system restore' functions. Clicking on these just brings up an empty window. I've uninstalled SP2 but still have these problems. I also now get an error message when I try playing music on Windows Media Player. I've removed it and reloaded the latest version, getting the same message.

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try a virus scan then do a simple spyware scan then download hijack this and post the log in the security forum with a link back to this page or just type your problem again.


I'd have to agree. The problem you describe is not a 'feature' of Service Pack 2 by any means. You almost certainly have some form of virus or malware on your system, and the installation of the Service Pack has brought it to the fore. Cleaning your system of 'nasties' is the way to address it.

The "Helping yourself" topic in the Security forum section will get you started with software tools to use.

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