I'm new to this forum. First, a little about me. I'm an advanced beginner/hobbyist (oxymoron?) who has managed to learn VB by downloading, studying books and writing programs in the Express editions of VB2005 and, more recently, VB2008. Moreover I have learned to use MS SQLSever express editions as well - recently migrating from 2005 to 2008.

I have written some pretty involved data-centric applications for my company. For example, one program manages the entire purchasing and inventory control for the operation. It works great! And now I want to "deploy" it - i.e. publish and distribute this program - so that it can be used by the purchasing manager of the company. When I try to do this, I'm having problems. First, VB2008 only allows me to publish the "User Interface" project in my application (I have 3 projects, User Interface, DataAccess, and Class Library). Second, I can't seem to get it (the program) to read the data. The data is supposedly published with the program, but it's not connecting to it. (and, of course, I can't go into the published program to maniuplate the connection string.)

I would like to store the data on the Sever computer in the office as an mdf file. Then have various computers use it. But I can't even seem to download Sql Server Mgmt. Studio Express.

Is it time for me to purchase the real (as opposed to the free) versions - or can I accomplish what I'm after with the Express editions? Thanks for your help!


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In order to use the data base in the server, you should install the SQL Server server part in the server.

Then change the connection string from local to the server.

You need another project, a Setup one, in order to properly publish your application. If you use the wizard, select only the primary outputfrom the User Interface. It will scan for all required denpendencies.


Thank you for your response. I'm not sure I understand each point, but I will attempt to follow your instructions and get back to you. Below is some additional information:

I have already tried to install the SQL Server on the server. However, with all the various files that comprise an instance, I limited my copy to .mdf files - those that contain the data and the .log files that accompany them. It occurred to me that I may need to install more than this - and that is why I tried to download and run SQL Server Management Studio Express SSMSE (which I have been unsucessful in getting to run with SAL2008)

I also tried to select (radio button) the "local server" option for the connection string, but could not do it (as I recall - I will try this again and get back to you with an exact description)

The Setup project is another problem. I tried to create that, but it's not available in the "Express Edition". Thus my question as to whether I should consider upgrading at this time.

Again - thanks for your help.



I use the Enterprise Architect version for VS and the Enterprise for MS SQL.
IMO it worth the effort.

Hope this helps


Thank you:

Do you use the 2010 version? 2008? - I'm really considering purchasing VS 2008 which seems to be a lot cheaper than 2010 and to have all the features I'm looking for.

I just want to be sure that I choose the proper edition. I'm working alone and will be for the forseeable future, so I don't need the "team" version (although a career change has crossed my mind!). However, I MUST have database capability. I think that requires the upgrade from the "Professional" version.

Any further advise or guidance you may have is most appreciated.

Thanks again,


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