I created this into a cgi file

# sload - current server load

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

print <<EOM;

<H2> Current load average of

print `uptime`;
print "<P>";

Now I want that on my website.. how do I create the html to show it on my index.htm instead of having another window poping up showing the uptime.cgi

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I don't think you can have CGI in an HTML file?

you can use <iframe> tag provided by html

or use php

$data = shell_exec(uptime); 
echo $data;
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Yep, but remember that it must be a PHP file then if you want to use PHP (unless you use frames again, which I highly dislike personally :p)

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You should be able to cross over into a small flash button or half banner and embed that code...I think...not sure on that.

What http server are you using? I would recommend a SSI (server-side include) if possible.

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