I have a stand alone application "test.exe" on a Windows 7 operating system.
I have an application "test.exe" made in Visual basic 8.0.
I have an "Auto Update" function . Call this function from "test.exe". In the first line in "test.exe"
This function does the following:
1. This checks whether the current version is older than the version on specific site, if so:
1a. Removed all *. old
1b. Rename test.exe to test.old
1c. dowload new test.exe
so, no:
1a. Do nothing

I'm afraid I get an error when I rename "test.exe" to "test.old" because "test.exe" is now active.

How can I prevent this or what else should I do?

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It is now clear to me that I must use a separate UPDATE application in addition to update my test.exe application.

But I have two important questions:
1. How can I get assembly version of test.exe, from application update
2. How can I find out the application directory of test.exe, from application update

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