I have created setup file of my program. I have tried to install it there in two pcs to test it that its working properly or not. One pc has visual studio & my program worked there after being installed but another pc doesnt have visual studio & my program doesnt work there after being installed. It shows error message that "WindowsApplication1 WindowsAoolication has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconverience." What does it mean? Does it mean it that I couldnt create setup file properly? Would you please help me to get rid of this problem?

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You might need to check your prerequisites the computer that its not running on might not have the correct .net framework or references that you reference in your project. Go to project properties and check your prerequisites and make sure the pc has the same software.

install .net framework first on client pc

If unsure of what .Net Framework you application was created for use in, locate vb.net File menu/ Project/"your application" Properties...
Click the compile tab and very last option "Advanced Compile Options...", which should show the .Net Framework your application needs in order to function.

If unsure of what .Net Framework the other p.c. that resulted your setup file in an error, paste the following JavaScript code in the address bar of Internet Explorer on their p.c.


An alert should display some information.
Locate all the .Net sections, which should display all of the .Net Frameworks installed on that p.c.
Attached is a image of what displays on my p.c. with the Frameworks I currently have available to run application with.

maybe there was stacked if you are using different database (in my last case SQL Server) , if the version in your program less than the version in PC where you installing your program, you must uninstall it first :)

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