Let me show you how do I create setup file of my program.

Project>WindowsApplication1 properties>Compile>Advance compile option>Target CPU : AnyCPU Target framework(all configurations): .NET Framework 3.5>OK

File>Add>New Project>Other Project Types>Setup and Deployment>Setup Project>OK

Setup>Properties>Prerequisites>Select Create setup program to install prerequisite components & Windows Installer 3.1 & .NET Framework 3.5 & Download prerequisites from the same location as my application>OK>Apply>OK

Setup>View>File system> Select Application folder of File System on Target Machine>Add>Project output>Primary output>Configuration>Active>OK>Message will be shown "Microsoft Visual Studio> "The following files may have dependencies that cannot be determined automatically. Please confirm that all dependencies have been added to the project. d:\windows\speech\vtext.dll d:\windows\system32\macromed\flash\flash10i.ocx d:\windows\system32msadodc.ocx d:\windows\system32mshflxgd.ocx>OK 

Application Folder will get files

Application Folder>Add>FileWindowsApplication1>bin>Debug>Animation.swf>Open

Application Folder will get Animation.swf file

Application Folder>Add>FileWindowsApplication1>bin>Debug>CrystalReport1 CrystalReport2 CrystalReport3 CrystalReport4 CrystalReport5 CrystalReport6>Open

Application Folder will get CrystalReport1 2 3 4 5 & 6 files

Application Folder>Select Primary output from SUIMT(Active)>Create shortcut to Primary output from SUIMT (Active)

Application Folder> Select that shortcut file & bring it to User`s desktop Folder

User`s Programs Menu>Create Folder(Use program`s name as folder`s name)

Application Folder> Create another shortcut & bring it to User`s Programs Menu>Folder(program`s name as folder`s name)

Build>Build Solution

Build>Build Setup

I have used flash .swf file there in my program(It shows animation there in form1).If I dont have flash player here in my pc & if I install & run my program then it shows error message that "WindowsApplication1 got a problem needs to close". If I have visual studio then it works when I install flash player. But if I dont have visual studio here in my pc & install flash player it shows same error that "WindowsApplication1 got a problem needs to close". I am confused please help me.

Try to not include the flash dlls into the distributable and set them as a requirement. When you install a fresh version of flash, the GAC is updated overriding your setting.

Verify if the VS has automatically created a wrapper for those dlls and include it in your project.

Hope this helps

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