Hi i have a small calculator app .that add 2 values from the user input.(a windows application on C#).

And now what i want is to access that calculate method on a web site,witch is run on my local host.

so plz.....somebody can help me........

With so many ways to implement "calculate method on a web site". Which one are you alluding to?

1. Method just hosted as a plain response that can be consumed using AJAX.
2. Method exposed as part of a web service.

Following options you have to use these:

1. use HttpWebRequest to make a call to this page with relevant parameters.

2.a if it is a web service hosted on your machine under CLR (aka .NET Compliant service) it is a walk in a park. Right click the project in "Solution Explorer", click "Add Service Reference" and follow the steps as guided there.

2.b if it is a service hosted somewhere else or on some other platform/framework, e.g. Java, you can use wsdl binary to create a proxy class for it, which can used to invoke its methods.

use .dll
make method in class library and after that call the method.