I have a machine that waits for short/long periods of time, and some data that I am writing to the server is being ignored during the transfer. If the machine waits for more than 10 minutes, roughly, I noticed 2 global variables aren't getting reported. The delimiters before and after the variables that aren't making are there. But where the data should be for those 2 variables, there is nothing there, no space or anything. Ideas? Would it help to #define those??? or would it get dumped that way too. One of the variables could be zero, but I know one of them is definately a value. One is a char and the other is a long.


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There is no information in your description that we can even guess at the problem. Try looking at the code that generates the message and see what conditions prevent the data from being loaded.


The code seems to be fine since it works all the time, except when the operators shutdown for break or there is an extended break in the production line. The data is defined at the top of the program with char and long. What type of description are you looking for that will help?

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