How can we auto complete a textbox in VB 6 please help

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HERE is a full on sample with code.

commented: nicely done, Andre, it served also as my reference....Thank you +2

i have saw these examples but it does not meet my requirment please provide my some sample code

Naveed, after 152 posts I'm sure that you know how to post a proper question. Your question

How can we auto complete a textbox in VB 6 please help

is answered by my post above.

Maybe you should give me more information on exactly what you want before saying the code does not work for you.

What do you want to automate in your textbox?

when i press 'a' then there should be a drop down list having all records strating from 'a'

Sorry if you mind exteamly sorry

No problem.:)

Question - Will the text box read from a database or normal text file. In other words, if you press "a", will it read from a database all records starting with a, all will it look for all words starting with a from a pre-defined text file?

Yes it would read records from database

Under your text box change event, open the database and read from it by using the following select statement -

SELECT YourFieldNameHere FROM YourTableNameHere WHERE YourFieldNameHere LIKE " & "'" & Textbox.Text & "%'", cn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

I am using this peace of code but still no luc please help

On Error Resume Next
    Set rs1 = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT StudentName FROM Admission WHERE StudentName LIKE '" & txtsname & "%'")

Show me all the code you are using for reading the data, not just my peace of code. I'm sure the error lies in there somewhere.:)

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