I am working on a web application in silverlight. i want to use msmq to send data to the remote server in offline mode. I have absolutely no idea about msmq, except for some basics. i used this link to create triggers, rules and queue
I created a private queue, trigger and a rule. I have registered for com components.
but i am not able to excute the method in the rule.
Am i missing something.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Not directly possible:

Here's some help from another forum:

"Silverlight is running on client, not on your server. If you want to access MSMQ you are talking about the Server side code. From Silverlight you use Web service to communicate back to Server. If you have some old ASP.NET code that access your MSMQ, you still can call those code from your Service. Just not directly from your Silverlight code.

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