Hello! It is my first time to post this thread,
So I hope it is in the right place.

My problem is that I am creating system tools for windows with a good gui and I don't know how to start with it. One of my difficulties is making code for calling any window tools for example, defragment.msc, backup, system restore, registry editor(I knew there's already a thread in here but it is closed).

In short, I will create a "Utility tools ALL IN ONE" for my project somewhat like a registry cleaner or advance system optimizer and the likes.
Even pseudocodes will help. I'll really appreciate any help.

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Thanks for your reply! But since I've been able to call a .msc tools from my unique program, how can I change the gui of defragment.msc since it opens the same from my windows. Can I change the gui of my defragmenter window?

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