Hi All,

I want to transfer a html file generated by my VB application to my account in Unix Server, please let me know if this is possible and if yes, how can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Keeda,

Are you transferring the file, or is the VB application? The simplest thing I can think of is if you have Samba installed on the Unix box, you should be able to configure shares that are visible to the Windows box the app is running on, then just save/copy the html file to the share.

Otherwise I think you'd have to invoke an FTP routine (assuming FTP is running as a server on the Unix box) and possible send it that way. Given it sounds like it is a web server, is FTP running on the box? Or maybe scripting or calling SCP (if it's using secure communications)?

Maybe some one else has some thoughts, that's what came to mind for me. I'm only learning .NET myself, so I can't really help with any code, but perhaps this might trigger some discussion or ideas from someone else.

Good luck, Mark

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply, I found this below code online from link "http://www.bygsoftware.com/Excel/VBA/ftp.htm",

Sub PublishFile()
Dim strDirectoryList As String
Dim lStr_Dir As String
Dim lInt_FreeFile01 As Integer
Dim lInt_FreeFile02 As Integer

On Error GoTo Err_Handler
    lStr_Dir = ThisWorkbook.Path
    lInt_FreeFile01 = FreeFile
    lInt_FreeFile02 = FreeFile

    '' ANW  07-Feb-2003 :
    strDirectoryList = lStr_Dir & "\Directory"

    '' Delete completion file
    If Dir(strDirectoryList & ".out") <> "" Then Kill (strDirectoryList & ".out")

    '' Create text file with FTP commands
    Open strDirectoryList & ".txt" For Output As #lInt_FreeFile01
    Print #lInt_FreeFile01, "sftp://mizar.usc.edu"
    Print #lInt_FreeFile01, "myusername"
    Print #lInt_FreeFile01, "mypassword"
    Print #lInt_FreeFile01, "cd mail"
    Print #lInt_FreeFile01, "binary"
    Print #lInt_FreeFile01, "send " & ThisWorkbook.Path & "\NewsLetter.html"

    '' To receive a file, replace the above line with this one
    ''Print #lInt_FreeFile01, "recv \Picture.gif " & ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Picture.gif"
    Print #lInt_FreeFile01, "bye"
    Close #lInt_FreeFile01

    '' Create Batch program
    Open strDirectoryList & ".bat" For Output As #lInt_FreeFile02
    Print #lInt_FreeFile02, "ftp -s:" & strDirectoryList & ".txt"

    Print #lInt_FreeFile02, "Echo ""Complete"" > " & strDirectoryList & ".out"
    Close #lInt_FreeFile02

    '' Invoke Directory List generator
    Shell (strDirectoryList & ".bat"), vbHide '', vbMinimizedNoFocus
    'Wait for completion
    Do While Dir(strDirectoryList & ".out") = ""

    Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:03"))

    '' Clean up files
    If Dir(strDirectoryList & ".bat") <> "" Then Kill (strDirectoryList & ".bat")
    If Dir(strDirectoryList & ".out") <> "" Then Kill (strDirectoryList & ".out")
    If Dir(strDirectoryList & ".txt") <> "" Then Kill (strDirectoryList & ".txt")


Exit Sub

    MsgBox "Error : " & Err.Number & vbCrLf & "Description : " & Err.Description, vbCritical
    Resume bye

End Sub

but this code give s me an error "Error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument" on line

Shell (strDirectoryList & ".bat"), vbHide '', vbMinimizedNoFocus

would anyone know why is this, I am new to VBA.

Thanks in advance.

if you have a ftp server running on your linux box then why not using:

My.Computer.Network.UploadFile("c:/complete/path/to/file", "ftp://your.url.com/path", "username", "password")

keeda the shell command can only be used to run .exe files you can't run a .bat file using shell

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