I downloaded AecRijndael v.1.16 encryption component for Delphi 5 from Torry.net.
There is no help included and I can't work out how to use it.
When it is installed it has three pertinent properties.
Cyphermode - which can be
Keysize - which can be
Stringmode - which can be
How do I use it to encrypt/decrypt a file belonging to my program?



Thanks for the link.
I'll take a look at it but I'm still hoping for someone who has perhaps successfully used the component I referred to.
It seems such an easy way to do encryption and I'm reluctant to let it go.

the actual link is

Password vnsj289+4Sxfl4s04kjsp

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I'm guessing you have a component on the form. If you type it's name in a function followed by a dot, then press CTRL+Spacebar you should see the methods you can use. I assume there will be an Encrypt/Decrypt you can use. If you select one and open the parenthesis, you should see the arguments that functions takes. (I don't want to install the .exe, if it was just a .dcu, I'd install it)


I thought I'd replied to your post but obviously something went wrong.
Yes, doing as you suggested Displayed two methods Encfile and Decfile which I was looking for and should prove to be the answer.
Great stuff.
Regards to all contributors.

Hello Pritaeas,

I have little or no knowledge of Encryption.
That is why I was pleased to find an encryption component.
I thought it would just be a matter of setting some properties and off to go.
Unfortunately its not quite that easy.
I found that Encfile took two parameters Encfile(inputfilename,outputfilename);
so I tried Encfile(memo1.text,memo2.text);
When I tried to run it I got the error Rigndael1 key not set.
As explained earlier the keysize is a property which is set in the Object inspector.

So at the moment I haven't been able to get anything working.
I know you said earlier that you don't like installing exe files and I can sympathise with

that. But I've installed it and all my security software reports no problems.
So if you have a change of heart and install it theres more chance of some progress than

if you wait for me.



IF it says inputfilename, outputfilename then you should give it a filepath, instead of the memo strings.

It was only after I tried the filepath way without success that I then tried the memo.text thing just to see if I got a different error message.
It was the same error message each time - Rigndael. key not set


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