I am having a problem with the following piece of code:

For countInteger As Integer = 0 To 3

            seatsSoldInteger = ticketDetail(indexInteger).seatsSoldInteger
            costDecimal = ticketDetail(indexInteger).costDecimal

            totalTicketSalesDecimal = seatsSoldInteger * costDecimal

        Next countInteger

I can't get it to break out the totalTicketSalesDecimal for each countInteger

shouldnt it be:
totalTicketSalesDecimal += seatsSoldInteger * costDecimal

so its adding the result to the totalTicketSalesDecimal

I don't think so because it should calculate this for each integer. Then I can add each integer's totalTicketSalesDecimal together to get the overAllTotal.

Sorry I ment for each array 0 thru 3

check your other thread