I just switched from c++ to java and i am completely clueless :o . My friend gave me a BlueJ program which is supposed to make it easier but i am still just as confused :rolleyes: . Does anyone have any good online sites i can go to get me started?

P.S. I tried the tutorial that BlueJ has but i cant open it because it is a pdf file. I am probably doing something completely wrong but I'm not sure. :cry:

Bluj is terrible in my opinion. Besides, you should start out using the command line to learn fundamentals.

i did start out with the fundamentals through notepad and command prompt but i thought c++ would be better so i switched to c++ but my c++ compiler does not support GUI (graphics user interface) I just want to know how to compile with my new compiler.

RTFM... There's a very good manual included in your documentation package that comes with the JDK (you did download and install the documentation did you?).
There's also a very nice tutorial on Sun's website, and every beginners' book on Java worth the name contains the information as well.

Hi everyone,

In my opinion, BlueJ is difficult to use even though it was meant for beginners. Try this ide called JAVA IDE 1.9 by John English. I personally use this ide and i beleive it is as good as it gets. It does not have a gui builder thus you will have to code everthing by hand but trust me you will learn more.

Here is the download link to the ide


On another issue if you want a c++ compiler that supports gui try downloading bloodshed c++ compiler. It supports gui.

Yours Sincerely

Richard West

You shouldn't use an IDE at all until you're comfortable with the commandline tools and the language.
In fact you shouldn't use an IDE to do anything you can't do yourself...

I see way too many people saying they know a language when in fact all they know is how to use some IDE to create half their code for them and then fill in the details.
When left with a text editor, a command line compiler, and a language reference, they fail to produce anything at all.
They learned the tool instead of the language, all the time thinking they learned the language.

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