I apologize for the vague topic title, but the actual topic title would be very long.

Is it possible that after you find a string, backup until you find a specific character and copy it?

For example, I am looking for "bread". The text is milk8andbread. Would it be possible to start at bread, back up until eight, and just copy "andbread"?

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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Dim s As String = "milk8andbread"
        Dim index As Integer = s.IndexOf("bread")

        If index <> -1 Then
            'shows andbread
            If index > 3 AndAlso index + 3 < s.Length Then
                MsgBox(s.Substring(index - 3, 8)) '8 length of bread + 3
            End If

            'shows bread
            MsgBox(s.Substring(index, 5)) '5 length of bread
        End If

Will that work in all situations, or just with the one mentioned? I am looking for one that will work in all situations.

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If you want to back up 3 each time. and the length of the search string is 5

I'll give you a permanent solution if you state exactly what you want.

Back up 3 each time?

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This will work everytime.

returns an empty string on bad input.

Dim s As String = SubString("milkandbread", "bread", 8)

Private Function SubString(ByVal OriginalString As String, ByVal SearchString As String, ByVal TotalLength As Integer) As String

        If String.IsNullOrEmpty(OriginalString) Then Return String.Empty
        If String.IsNullOrEmpty(SearchString) Then Return String.Empty
        If SearchString.Length > TotalLength Then Return String.Empty

        Dim index As Integer = OriginalString.IndexOf(SearchString)

        If index = -1 Then Return String.Empty

        Dim difference As Integer = TotalLength - SearchString.Length

        If index - difference < 0 Then Return String.Empty

        Return OriginalString.Substring(index - difference, TotalLength)

    End Function