Hello! Can anyone give me a tip on a fairly good serial code system for my software, i obviously don't want to store the codes in the software(unless that's what you ussualy do) I want to be able to hand out a certain serial code and when they enter it unlocks their program, but i want the serial to only be able to be used once. Maybe the software could require you to access the internet to unlock it or something. But can anyone help me write some kind of code?

I use Manco (http://www.mancosoftware.com/). I've been using their licensing software for three years and it seems to be pretty good.

They have the ability to automate the licensing workflow online via a web server, use custom values and encryption/decryption for sensitive code.

They are continuously updating it with improvements and features. Its not perfect but a good value for the money.

The only caveat is they are in Russia and so the time zone issue means that they get to my support emails while I am asleep. Check the time difference for where you are at, other than that is seems to be pretty good.

Check it out, I recommend it.


Thanks for the reply. It's a bit expensive for me thought. I am looking at something that will just stop people from sending it to each other.

I can understand. I can say that I did my homework and they came in at the best price I could find. Sounds like you only need their base product.

Paying someone for a component is painful at first but I had to consider the amount of time I would need to put into it (and therefore $$) and the effectiveness of what I could come up with.

You can roll your own and certainly go for it if you've got the time.

It's like any new technology you need to learn, there is that steep learning curve at first but then once you've got it you're good to go.

I'd suggest you look for a good book on Amazon to get you started.

Yeah. I'm tempted to just add like a 1000 serials into the sowftare, and just hope nobody's tries to crack it... :/

It is the choice between enforcement and no enforcement. Price of the Manco .NET Licensing “Standard Bundle” (it looks like this is the lowest edition with online activation) is $339.9. If worth from purchases from people who wouldn't have paid for the software if you didn't have licensing is greater than price of the “Standard Bundle” than it looks like reasonable to buy the software. If it's not, then, probably, is better to release it without enforcement at all. Creation of the own licensing software is not easy. It requires significant efforts.

We are using this product during several years (we are subscribers), and seems like one of the oldest customer of the Manco Software :-). Our time zone is close to the Moscow one, so we are in better position here than sling blade is :-). Usually we get an answer in 1-2 hours.

The latest update we get from Manco Software is cool. They added Silverlight based license shop to the Activation Web Service with no cost. So now our sale persons can issue keys from anywhere, just having PC with Windows and Internet Explorer.

If you're familiar with service programmig you could just create your own registration service, where license codes are connected (encrypted with?) the host's MAC adress for example. It's how i do it in my C++ projects.

Implementing a server side system to unlock/activate codes is not trivial - you will waste a lot of time. I would advise you to use a ready tool. Have a look at CryptoLicensing which does serials and unlocking, etc. And its reasonably priced.