well hi guys new to the forum and i need some help

im writing a program where a guest’s name is entered and then assigned to a room. The motel has three floors and 30 rooms thus im using a 2D array (arr[3][10]) its supposed reserve a room and the room cannot be reserved again under a different name.

hope u can help

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Fill the correct spot when someone wants a room:

Someone wants room 20 on floor 5:

array[5][20] = "Persons name";

What's the question anyway?

thanks for the new insight but i still have one other problem how do i stop a person from booking the same room again


To check if someone is already in the room use the following code:

boolean isRoomOccupied(int floor, int room)
   if( array[floor][room] == null )
      return true;
      return false;

When someone checks out call this function

void checkOut(int floor, int room)
    array[floor][room] = null;

It is very important that you reset it back to null when it is check out time otherwise the first function won't work (because it checks for null)

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