I recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, and have installed Windows Live Mail due to the removal of Windows Mail. I am having a similar issue with Windows Live Mail in Windows 7 as i did before in Vista with Windows Mail. It seems that whenever i click on a hyperlink in an email i receive an error message pops up saying "There was a problem sending the command to the program." but opens the page anyway...the error message in Vista was a little different but generally the same thing happened. I know that since the page opens anyway i shouldn't worry about it but i am. Does anyone have any ideas on why i am getting this error message?

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Is there a number associated with the error? What is the title on the message box?


I am getting the same problem, except my links WONT open, and also I cant access the help, or anything under "help". The problem appears widespread when I Googled. But Ive discovered it only happens if Firefox is your default browser. If you change to IE its fine. But I want to use Firefox!

I have a new laptop, Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail. It was fine for the 1sr few weeks. Windows Live Mail help has no articles in its online help referring to this error message.



I know how to set default programs; its when I set the default browser to Firefox that I cannot click on any link in an email, or click on anything under the "Help" menu. I get this message

"There was a problem sending the command to the program."

But if I use IE then there is no problem.


How you uninstalled FireFox and re-intstalled?

I havent uninstalled Firefox. Should I?

One other interesting thing is this all happened just after I uninstalled Norton Internet Security, and installed Microsoft Security Essentials. But perhaps this is just co-incidence.


Did you use the semantic firewall? When you uninstall Norton, it usually asks if you want to turn on Windows firewall. . . But was windows firewall configured for Firefox? It will be configured automatically if it is running when you (re)install Firefox.

Try reinstalling and see what happens.

Well i dont know if Windows Firewall was configured for Firefox or not. But I never had to configure it with Vista. Its not notifying me that its blocking anything.

But as I dont fully understand these matters I will reinstall it to see.




The re-install worked! All is well so far!

Thank You!


Glad we could help. Don't forget to mark the thread as solved.

i gave up on Firefox because it turns out it uses a lot of memory. I am now using Google Chrome which is much faster and i have not experience these errors yet.

Hi i originally posted the question about links not working in emails using windows live mail. I have switched to using google chrome as my internet browser and now i am getting a similar error but slightly different.

Now whenever i do not currently have google chrome open and running, after clicking any type of link that requires and internet brower it will open chrome but then give me an error and that browser will basically be stuck. It will not be able to reload successfully. Is there a particular reason why this is happening?


There are many reasons you could be getting this type of error, but I would say the best practice is to use a good anti-virus and (even if you do not use it) keep Internet Explorer up-to-date and clean.

My best guess without more info is that you are using an bad add-on.

Post a HijakThis Log and I will try to sort it out for you.


When using Window Live Mail 2011 I could not click on a link to open. I had to open my IE first then click on the link. Found that if I used Mozilla Firefox I can open the link in my mail.

The problem is the Internet Explorer.

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