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I'm doing some serial I/O in VB.NET for a project at work. I'm new to VB.NET so I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly. I need to determine what ports are free and which ones are in use. Presently, I try to open the port and if there's an error I know that port is not available. I think there must be better way. See code below.

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Imports System.IO.Ports

Module Module1

    Sub Main()

        Dim PortName As String
        Dim port As New SerialPort

        Console.WriteLine("RS-232 ports on this computer:")

        For Each PortName In SerialPort.GetPortNames()
            If PortIsAvailable(PortName) Then
                Console.WriteLine(PortName + " is available.")
                Console.WriteLine(PortName + " is in use.")
            End If
        Next PortName

    End Sub

    Public Function PortIsAvailable(ByVal port As String) As Boolean
        Dim TempPort As New SerialPort
        TempPort.PortName = port
        'Surely there's a better way to test for availability
        'than trying to open the port and catching errors.
        Catch ex As UnauthorizedAccessException
            Return False
        End Try
        Return True
    End Function

End Module
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There is really not that I can see, the longer way to do this is to use existing windows APIs. That is something like this:

Public Sub Open(ByVal portname As String, _
        ByVal Spd As Integer, ByVal Pty As enumParity, _
        ByVal Dtb As Integer, ByVal Stp As enumStopBits)

        Dim m_CommDCB As String
        Dim m_Baud As String
        Dim m_Parity As String
        Dim m_Data As String
        Dim m_Stop As Byte

        hPort = CreateFile(portname, GENERIC_READ + GENERIC_WRITE, _
              0, 0, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, 0)

        If hPort < 1 Then
            Throw New Exception("Can't open the comport! (Errorcode :" _
                  & GetLastError().ToString() & ")")
        End If

        m_Baud = Spd.ToString()
        m_Parity = PARITYSTRING.Substring(Pty, 1)
        m_Data = Dtb.ToString()
        m_Stop = Stp

        m_CommDCB = String.Format("baud={0} parity={1} data={2} stop={3}", _
              m_Baud, m_Parity, m_Data, m_Stop)

        BuildCommDCB(m_CommDCB, dcbPort)

        If SetCommState(hPort, dcbPort) = 0 Then
            Throw New Exception("Can't open the com port (" & _
               GetLastError().ToString() & ")")
        End If

        m_opened = True
End Sub

Thanks for the reply and the code sample, Zinnqu. In the interest of productivity I am going to stick with the .net version rather than use the Windows api.

Thanks again,

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