hi to everyone , i have to make a program in jav which will fulfill following conditions.

first of all, i have to make any alphabet by free hand drawing, like
in ms-paint there is a pencil so by using that suppose i am writing b,c or any one alphabet, now this file will be named as pic.bmp

now i have to take this file as a input in my java program,
and my program should detect what is written in the file and give the exact representation of that alphabet using gui in java.

that is my program wil recognize the character in the bmp file

can....... please............. anyone give me the idea to make this program

thanks glamo

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If you are asking about how to make a machine vision program, this is a very hard task. Without someone just giving you the code -- I'm not sure anyone here actually works with machine vision -- we would have a very hard time telling you everything you need to do to get the program to work. My suggestion is to find a site that has articles on machine vision. A site I like that has very good articles on this topic is generation5. You can find machine vision articles here.

Beyond the knowledge of machine vision, you will also need a very strong foundation in the Java language itself and a good understanding of how to read and interpret image data.

From what you've posted, it would seem that you don't know much about Java or machine vision. If this is true, how in the world did you end up needing to do such a project? I'd say that it seems like you are needing this for a class. If this is so and you don't have the backing necessary for it, you are taking a class that is far too advanced for you. You will just have more problems as the coursework gets harder.

Maybe someone should tell you that you are being a bit ambitious!

The others are correct. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a specialized field of development. It took many years of work in this field before machines could start to read handwriting with any degree of reliability.

You're not likely to write your own OCR library any time soon, so start looking for a vendor. Asprise is one I've heard of, and you can try it out at: http://asprise.com/product/ocr/download.php?lang=java

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