hey..i'm developing an application..something like a custom desktop..now what i want to do is to disable alt-tab, ctrl-alt-del etc . i tried to set the registry value of "CoolSwitch" to disable alt tab, but i get an error..i think i need to run my application as admin to write in a registry value.. and i don't want it that way..is it possble to do this job without accessing the registry?? if yes, how?? need an idea.. asap..need it in vb.net thanks in advance...

"CTRL+ALT+DEL" is a reserved combination and isn't meant to be turned off. I'm fairly certain that the message can't be intercepted by a normal application running in windows.

I'm not certain, but there may be something you can do with a group-policy.

-Edit: Windows xp may allow you to intercept, but windows 7 won't.

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