hi guys,

i doing a program on how to drag and drop from 1st label to another label, then do a compare whether is it correct.

i need to random up the whole Sentences with detection on spacing.

then each word will be put into a labelA.

example. " i`m loving it"

"i`m" will be in one labelA 1
"loving" will be in labelA 2
"it" will be in labelA 3

then the 3 labelA will random up. like; 123, 213, 312,......

now below labelB will detect got 3 labelA. it will create 3 of it and with a hidden correct ans.
i will need to drag the top random labelA down and put inside the below labelB

it like..

labelA 2, labelA 3, labelA 4
(i will need to drag this labelA down to labelB)

button (new Question)
labelC (will show in word whether is correct or not)

labelB 1, labelB 2, labelB 3