Hi all

I need to change something that is hard coded into my application -
Souds simple i know - however.........

In essence what i need is a single word that will be interchangable and will be available straight away and the next time the application starts up.

So need to change the word that is already hard coded into the loading of the form.

Like an internal password system (but not if that makes sense)

Hope Someone can make sense of that and help out

ps. i was thinking of something on the lines of a sub that finds and replaces line 'x' in the load sub. unless that is uber complex - so open to any and all suggestions but please keep in mind i'm not the greatest at code - only been teaching myself for 9 months (and learning from people here for 1 month)

Big shout out to everyone that has helped me so far.....

A bit confusing to understand.
Are you trying to change the value of a String that has been already preset?

Yeah pretty much if that is at all possible.

I don't want to write the value to a text file or to a registry.

I would like for example to do this :

log current user
textbox1.text = environ("username")
log previous user
textbox2.text = LastPersonsName

where LastPersonsName would be replaced with the id of the previous user - so defined on form close that :
LastPersonsName is replaced with environ("username")

This is a rough idea of what i am trying to do - probably missing a simple trick somewhere, i often do LOL.

Only thing I can think of is for you to encrypt/decrypt the user names and save/load those.
If encrypted properly, with special characters and randomly encrypting them each time, it should make that much more difficult for anyone to decrypt the user names.