Hello All ,
i urgently need to know how to store Arabic data in database ,
when i create a DB

create database system;

create table customer(
name varchar(100));

i can't store the name in Arabic what can i do..?

thanks alot

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Depends on the type of database you using. For example MySQL documentation here explain how you can set internationalization for server/database/table/column/string


yeah i am using mysql built in in wamp server i have read the doc. but also i couldn't customize my database to store Arabic data


You need to explain more in details as what you tried to do. Otherwise we may waste time on suggestions you did try. This also enable to see us if you made any mistakes.

PS: What did you gain by installing MySQL through WAMP. I see it as waste, since you are using Java therefore you will not use PHP and use of Apache HTTP server is questionable since Tomcat (Jetty, JBoss) is satisfactory in most cases


huuuh, there isn't about reading ..., because his similair topic in another thread,

his small wars, just beginer and what did you expected,

very often sent similar questions from these coutries (and Thai too), but result is always with their settings in Win OS,

sure that't nothing to do with Java, I'm outta from this debate


hey calm down guys :) firstly sorry for not mentioning the sol. i thought i mentioned it but unfortunately i mentioned it in the other thread secondly till now i didn't know where the problem was i installed odbc mysql connector and it seems like magic and every thing went perfect without any other extra database specifications(using mysql database not wamp server)

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