hello guys:D,
i am new to vb.net and need some help from you.
i have created an application in microsoft visual basic express 2010. it works fine when i debug . also works fine when i publish a setup file and launch it. it works awesome on my computer. But if i launch the setup on another computer....it gives an error. i thought may be error is because of absence of microsfot.Net framework and so i also installed the framework on that machine also .
i have attached the brief of kind of error i get when i launch the setup on another machine.

Please Help,

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It sounds like you are using ClickOnce deployment and have failed to provide the files needed on a webserver (The URI giving the error is pointing to a local file on your machine).


hey Momerath,:D
thanks for the reply.
you were right i suppose. i published once more and put all the files on the desktop....it worked.
but now i need to know whether this setup.exe will work even if its on any other local drive other than desktop.:-/

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