I am trying to do (I think) a simple thing in VB- send commands to the com port or parallel port. VB is out of my comfort zone. I am a beginner. Most of my experience has been in industrial controls/plcs, etc.
Ideally, I could send a discrete binary command via one of those above-mentioned ports.
In summary, I want a simple way to turn software into commands that can power hardware.


You need to use MSComm Control.

You can also search google for "rs232 in vb6" which will give tons of sample code.

RS232 is the cable connected to the hardware, reading and posting commands to your hardware.


Look on the internet for "inpout32.dll"

I have tried it on Win 98SE and it works. Have not yet tried it on Win XP. My application is machine control. I made a CNC using QuickBasic and it works well; however it appears to be at least 10X faster in Windows. I have been dragging my feet ref programming in VB; it doesn't seem to have the logical operation that QB45 has.

You can email me at jccinc-at-owc-dot-net. I'd like to hear of your application.

Jack C.

Thanks for the responses.
My application is a simple I/O control module. I'm sure there is a package available for this, but as a learning experience, I was hoping to build one myself. I'd like to be able to interface with some instrumentation (industrial sensors, SSR's, etc.) I want to know how to use this the same way I use a PLC.


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