Hi guys,, im having problem with my stored procedure. i dont know how to make it show..when i click on a particular record on my datagridview it should display another form with its corresponding laboratory records, radiology records and so on..

here is my code

ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.ViewAllLabRecords
@lab_Record_ID int
 SELECT * FROM Laboratory_Records LR JOIN PT_Chart PTC
 ON LR.Lab_Record_ID = PTC.Lab_Record_ID
 WHERE LR.Lab_Record_ID = @Lab_Record_ID;

pls help me solve this one

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So you want to populate the second grid based on the row you select in the first grid , right,

1. Capture the PK of the 1st table (when you select the row on the 1st grid)
ex--patient id

2. Use the same value to fetch data from the 2nd table, by using in the where clause.

Populate the send grid with the retrieved recordset / dataset.


no ahm the listview at the bottom is for my search displays.. what i want is when i click the view selected patient chart it will display another form and show the laboratory records

can you give me sample codes?

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