hellow and hi i want to create billing Recipt system but i got stuck i am confused that which control should i use? in which i can enter such as billing detail like ProductName,Total,Qty in sigle row and when i Press enter key in the end of row it should insert new row and again i can enter second product detail. as well as i can remove the any of row if i enter wrong in bill.suppose i want to remove last row then i will make my cursor focused in second last row and i press back button or ctr+R then it should remove last row and i have to first enter bill detail in my database table and then i will print it
i tried to work on listbox but i don'w know how to enter differnt rows in that and how to use insert query for those items which are entered in the shape of rows. SHOULD I ADD the texboxes in listbox dynamically? but how? THX IN ADVANCE i have seen many projects in foxpro then can enter data in billing row wise and then can print it easly but in vb.net how it can be achived THX TO ALL IN ADVANCE