Are there any good tutorials out there that explain adding objects to a single linked list. All I have come across are linked lists involving "structs". regards T

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Well as now one answered this ill just add the comment I had in mind when I first saw the post... in c++ structs are just classes with default access right of public, as opposed to private, so any code that can handle structs can handle objects...

however if this was a question about an object oriented solution to the linked list problem I guess that does not help much ? if you are new to c++ perhaps the list of the stl can be of intrest.

The template class describes an object that controls a varying-length sequence of elements of type Ty. The sequence is stored as a bidirectional linked list of elements, each containing a member of type Ty.

I find it useful to think of a list as a sequence of objects, frequently called links or nodes, linked by pointers. The link/nodes can be instances of a struct/class which in turn contain both a data object and at least one pointer. In C you can only use structs to do this, as the concept of class isn't available. In C++ a struct and a class are the same thing, except that struct members default to public access and class members default to public.

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