How to insert questions with multiple choice and its answers in .mdb file as a single row for each question ..

How to retrive that .mdb file and display only the questions into the listbox.

If i select the question in listbox it must display the data of selected question into a its relevent textbox

What you have done so far ?

I had a "createquestionform" with Question textbox,
2 radiobuttons 1 for MultipleChoice,2 for True/False
and 4 option textboxes
and 4 radiobuttons to select answer.

These form has to be saved in .mdb format.

I want to retreview only the questiontextbox data and display in the listbox of diffrent form.

Now when i select the item in the listbox the data related to that question must be displayed in the corresponding textboxes of the form where listbox is presented.

So hope u understood my question.

first, how you design your database?
what fields that you have?

These form has to be saved in .mdb format.

You want to design the application using .net or in MS Access only ?