How to insert questions with multiple choice and its answers in .mdb file as a single row for each question ..

How to retrive that .mdb file and display only the questions into the listbox.

If i select the question in listbox it must display the data of selected question into a its relevent textbox

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What you have done so far ?

I had a "createquestionform" with Question textbox,
2 radiobuttons 1 for MultipleChoice,2 for True/False
and 4 option textboxes
and 4 radiobuttons to select answer.

These form has to be saved in .mdb format.

I want to retreview only the questiontextbox data and display in the listbox of diffrent form.

Now when i select the item in the listbox the data related to that question must be displayed in the corresponding textboxes of the form where listbox is presented.

So hope u understood my question.


These form has to be saved in .mdb format.

You want to design the application using .net or in MS Access only ?

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