well i am new to .net & c#.

I want to create an application in C# for voice & video chat..

Need assistance about the topics & concepts which i need to go through..for developing.

Tutorials & references links, if provided are welcome.

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Hey thanks for the links!!

Do I need to purchase some services for Voice & Video Chat.. or can it be done between two systems connected by LAN cable??


If you can share files you can probably do it with two systems & a lan cable, but you will probably want to try it across the internet, if that's how it will be used...

Obviously most internet connections are MUCH slower than the connection between two computers via a LAN cable. Also, I'm not really sure but you may have some problems with your connectivity between LAN and the internet, but I would assume C# would abstract these details from you.



thanks for your assistance..

i am trying to implement Voice Chat between 2 systems via LAN Cable.. for my project!!
had googled it, but didnot get expected information..

can you suggest me some Links & topics to go through for that???

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