That link doesn't work correctly (the ...'s in the url are pretty much invalid). If you could resend the link to the code, or use to make the link smaller so that the site doesn't truncate the data, it would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm seeing a number of potential issues here. One of them is that everything takes place over a network. In order for me to be able to proceed with the debug process, I'll need a copy of the database that you are using (though, if you can make a copy and remove the private entries, and put in test entries, it would be cool).

i am using the biblio database which is the standard db comes with VB6 , it didnt work over a network.
I am also still work on it , and i solved the problem of not saving values in new record ( in fact it is not new , but it is a pre-made blanck record ) when I left the statment of :
its really works , but still another problem , which is when i put the saving values process inside a Do while loop , the program does not responding , and I have to close the VB6 program and retry this is my problem now , help me plz.

thanx 4 ur interactive and response

Hmmm... You could consider adding a "Doevents" inside the loop (to force VB to process "other" events during the loop.) If that doesn't work, it's possible that when it connects to the biblio db, that the connection is makes is a blocking call. In which case, your hands are pretty much tied (unless there is a non-blocking connection call).

ohh , thanx comatose

i figured out that i missed up with statement is side the loop
its really solved thanx

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