Hey, Im looking to add some information to a table in VB.net.

The table needs 2 columns and a number of rows;

  • 1 Column needs to have numbers ranging from 1 onwards, basically representing their row number.
  • And 1 more column which just displays any text when a button is pressed.

Example: [IMG]http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/6382/examplee.png[/IMG]

Each time the button is presed i need the text to go onto a new row.

Ive heard alot about a DataGrid, but everything relating to this seems to be based with SQL and I was wondering if there is a differnet tool which would be simpler to use?

If not please could someone explain how I could create the table mentioned above.


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I don't understand correctly what do you want here.
You mean to add data into table of database?
if i right then use Insert statment to add data.
Datagrid is using for display data on database.


No, on a button click I want to display data in the datagrid.

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