i published my projects but it seems when i install the published setup, the application does not fetch data from the database yet the database is included in the published application. could anyone help me with this exception?

Could you please explain in detail? What you mean by not fecthing data from server?
Any error?

Actually what i was trying to say is that. i finished publishing my software. but it seems when i install and run the application on other computers, it does not bring out the output: so i don't know where the problem ios. copuld it be that when the application is installing it does not copy the database file to the destiny where it can be read from?

Which data base ur using? MDB? your application is copying database in the client machine?

am using .sdf database. the problem is exactly that the application does not copy database to the client machine so i guess that is the reason why it does not display

Hi kitjo,

The application you made isn't that for a Mobile devices and you want to use it into PC?

Made the copylocal proprty true. and see any error while accessing the client machine. Sometimes user will not be local admin and will not have access to some folders.

i like the advice but still it seeems not to be working i made changed the local propeties to true but still the application is not fetching data from the database

Where you are creating the folders? is user is having the fullcontrol over the folder?. after installing the application can you the folder got created where u want it to be?