I'm really new to C++, but not to programming, and don't really know what I'm doing. I had a bunch of programs working OK. Then I was messing with a window application and all my window programs would no longer compile.

I get the following error (same for all projects)
c:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\include\winnt.h(1094) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'KSPIN_LOCK'
c:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\include\winnt.h(1094) : fatal error C1004: unexpected end of file found

I may (I don't know :) ) have messed with the API settings. There's lot's of references to this on 'google search' but I could find nothing that addressed this specific problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check that you aren't missing a } or have 2 }} when you should only have 1. I've had silly errors like that give me hundreds of compiler errors..

Thanks for the response...
The compiler does a pretty good job of catching syntax errors and I've checked for anything obvious.

I'm using Micro$ Visual C++ 6.0 and I'm getting the same error on untouched 'wizard' applications. I 'think' I know what the problem is, but I need a file from work to confirm. I'll report back and let you know what transpired.

Talking of VC 6.0, does anyone know if you can turn-on line numbering in the editor. Micro$ frequently hides little things like that. :)

OK! This was my problem.
As stated at the beginning of this thread, I don't know what I'm doing, YET. :)

I downloaded a project from the web which pulled up a dependancy file, Basetsd.h, and I did not know why it was there. (didn't appear with the MS projects !!). So deleted it.
NOT a good idea :rolleyes:

Down to the office, get a copy of the file, install it, and all's well.

The moral: Don't mess with things you don't understand...

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