Hi Guys,

I have little problem to open any url link from my application i have placed a textbox and a button on the screen. what i want is any url which i write in the textbox and when i press the button automatically that url would open in the browser.

Kindly help me..

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use this:

Dim p As New Process()

        p.StartInfo.FileName = TextBox1.Text    ' your url, ex:  "www.google.com"


dont forget to imports:

Imports System.Diagnostics

dear sandeepparekh9 thanks for your reply i did the above code but it gives a win32exception "Application not found" what now ?


yes this works fine note pad is invoked but why url is not working!?


dear sandeep i have all 3 browsers firefox crome and ie installed i dnt know which one is on default and PGMER i want to show it on webbrowser.


codeorder when i am using above code it gives an arror "application not found"


try this:

Process.Start("IExplore.exe", "www.google.com")

if this does not work then you might have a virus issue, may be..


I agree with sandeepparekh9 . Try reinstalling your operating system.
This should not be an issue, especially since you have 3 different browsers installed.


Guys problem solved i didn't re install the OS just do this code

Process.Start("Chrome", "www.yahoo.com")

for chrome and if i use Process.Start("iexplorer", "www.yahoo.com") then it open in internet explorer it works fine now

Thanks ALL friends for help me...

'Get Executable path (may also be FireFox.exe or any other browser
Dim sExePath as string = "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
'Get URL to open, may be TextBox1.Text, or "www.google.com"
Dim sURL as string = TextBox1.Text 
'Start Process with URL as argument (Just like using command line argument to open URL)
Process.Start(sExePath, sURL)

Something like that? I made a similar program with this feature, except i have the option to use FireFox or Internet Explorer if the user selects which one they want. Thus, I include the executable path.

Doh! I didn't view the next page, someone already offered up this solution. Sorry.

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