Im a computer science undergrad student in my final year. its time for selecting my final year project. I have two projects in my mind which are as follows

1- create kernel for iPhone based on openiboot
2- create an iPhone to android code conversion tool

The first project was suggested by my supervisor but according to my research its really hard because iPhone is a proprietary hardware. im more interested in kernel development ( i dont have much experience in kernel development but ive done assemby etc.) but the first project seems not feasible in an year. can u suggest some other project on kernel development and i would also like ur opinion on the second project.

Thank you
P.S i have a team of 4(including me)

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So you're supposed to create two iPhone-related projects, none of which involves c++. But since it's an iPhone-programming thread, I wouldn't know where to put thread either.

Does it has to be I-Phone related? Can't you just create a normal OS for computer?

@thecoolman5 actually both projects are related to iphone but they include really heavy use of C/C++ as its nothing related to how iphone programming is done, the first one is kernel development and the second is source to source translator.

@sergent no,its not necessary that it should be iphone related, but it should be a bit unique.

So there is androidx86 which is a port of the Android to a PC platform. They have a TODO list that you could cherry-pick from if you were interested...

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