sub:- requst to write a code to display all alphabets & word with their count and number of repetition in any document or file
dear sir.
im a student of vb, i need some code which could b able to
1- count the total numbers of alphabets used in a document or file and could show these numbers of repetition with the name of each alphabet.
2- count the total numbers of words and could also show these words with the number of repetition.
some years back a friend of mine remainde successful in writing such a code and wen executed this code it showed us successfully, ( for example we wrote a sentence "good morning" and executed this code, it showed us g=2, o=3, d=1, m=1,r=1, n=2, i=1, furter it could show that total words used =2, then it could show, good=1, morning=1), but unfortunately we could not save this code due to virus problem in his hard disk. but as ur an experienced and seasoned programmer, so i fully hope u could write this code, the code we wrote was a simple and some liner code. plz write this code for me and for other vb lovers, and plz sent it to my email address, which is ( removed ).
wishing u best,
dr ejaz hashmi.

You're going to need to show a little more effort on your homework than this.