Hey Im new with this website. I need to find a good web project for my thesis... can you please help? Obviously i dont need a very advanced level because i m new with this street.

Thanks for your help!!

Well...maybe post what you have learned in school so we can judge more precisely what 'not very advanced level' means. Is this an AJAX project? ASP.NET with C#?

I have a networking background but you know that my thesis has to be made in programming. But I have a bit of Asp.net and C# experience as i went to do a course to be prepared for the work.

Looking forward for the reply... Thanks alot for the help..

For my final project in my ASP/VB.NET class in college I made a job posting website. Anything database driven with a few pages and a solid architecture should be good. Are you experienced with database software (MySQL, Access, etc)?

Yes at work i use the Sql Server dbms :) I prefer to make a web project rather than an application. But i need to be a bit original you know.. dont want to be common but i dont want to make an impossible project...

Thanks again for your patience :)